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Gold of Arezzo

The treasured Tuscan handicraft

The story describes the Etruscans as the finest goldsmiths of ancient times and places in Etruria the birth and development of the jewellery. Them is an elaborate and refined gold processing technique called "granulation" that provides for the reduction of the precious metal into tiny grains; then welded on a foil get predetermined shape.

The Goldsmith tradition in the province of Arezzo, therefore, has its roots in Etruscan civilization; several museums in the province that now house the testimonies of great dexterity Goldsmith of this people, such as the "MAEC Cortona Etruscan Academy Museum" in Cortona (AR). Here you can follow the exhibition dedicated to the discovery of the masterpieces of Etruscan bronzes and gold-rich kits of archaic mounds.

In the 14th century in Arezzo begin to be born the first workshops for the production of the jewel. The goldsmiths create artifacts and jewels initially commissioned by the Lords of the area then when the fame of their art reaches Rome, commissioned by the Papacy, specializing in producing religious. With the advent of ' 900 and the shift from purely agricultural activities in industrial ones are many small and medium-sized enterprises; the handcrafted Arezzo become the backbone of production of the province along with the processing of hides and footwear.

The turning point came in 1926 when Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori create the UnoAerre, that will leave a lasting impression on the industry of the province of Arezzo. Every year, in what is now considered the cradle of Goldsmith's are processed approximately 230 tons of gold, almost half of the precious metal imported tons in Italy, confirming the immense importance of the province of Arezzo in the reality Goldsmith's craft.