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Coppa de Risi'atori

An ancient maritime tradition of Livorno

Livorno is a city rich in traditions linked to the sea that laps. The famous "Coppa de' Risi'atori" probably originates from this long fishing tradition.

Were in fact called "riskers" those young people who in the ' 600 earned their living on the sea; at the time there were port rules, in a city that was at that very moment taking a leading role in the Mediterranean. The dockers were every day having to literally compete with each other to reach first the bulk carriers arriving at port and gain the right to contract out unloading their goods.

The "riskers" were therefore on their boats waiting to leave in a frantic rowing; These impromptu competitions with time became purely sporting competitions and thus the origin of the Copa de risi caterers. This compelling competition rowing was commissioned and designed in 1978 by the Black Family, just to remember the historical figure of riskers of Livorno. Today is involved in four "classics" of traditional town along with Palio Marinario, the Coppa Ilio Barontini and the Giostra dell’Antenna.

During the sporting event to compete are 8 crews representing the districts of the city (Ardenza, Hamlet, Other, Ovosodo, Pontino, Salviano, San Jacopo, Venice); the departure is from the Tower of Meloria, about 5 km from the dam of the pier again, with arrival at the New Dock. Are 7600 meters where it proves who is the strongest to win the coveted Gold Medal.

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