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The city of Livorno located along the coast of the Ligurian Sea is one of the most important Italian ports. Among all the cities in Tuscany is considered the most modern even though in reality there are plenty of historical evidence that preserves. The name Livorna is first attested in 1017, indicating a cluster of houses on the coast, in a natural cove a few kilometers from Pisa and from the mouth of the Arno.

The Medici's family domain of the city, from the sixteenth century, contributed decisively to its development; It was at this time that Livorno is fortified with an impressive system of moats and ramparts, thus becoming the largest mediceo port. The population of the city also contributed to the famous Leggi Livornine which attracted merchants from the most distant Tuscan Center Nations, who were guaranteed freedom of worship and the cancellation of previous criminal convictions. The laws populated Livorno and made it a cosmopolitan city.

The "Medicean city drawn by Buontalenti," contains within it important artistic and architectural testimony, starting with the 18th-century Chiesa di Santa Caterina with octagonal pant, in which admire a Vasari's Incoronazione di Maria. From downtown you can immerse yourself in the seventeenth century Medicean quarter nicknamed "Venezia nuova" and characterized by elevated buildings on channels created especially for fishermen and sailors. On a walk along Viale Italia arrive at Livorno's most famous postcard, Piazza Mascagni, dedicated to the famous composer fellow citizen, where you can admire the island of Gorgona. The city also hosts an Aquarium where you can discover the marine life, with educational programmes dedicated to children.



Urban traditions the Coppa de’ Risi’atori, compelling rowing competition to commemorate the historical figure of "risicatori" of Livorno. Today is involved in "four classics" of tradition of the town along with Palio Marinaro, the Coppa Ilio Barontini and the Giostra dell’Antenna. Challenge 8 man, representing the districts of the city (Ardenza, Borgo, Labrone, Ovosodo, Pontino, Salviano, San Jacopo, Venezia); the departure is from the Torre dell Meloria, about 5 km from the dam of the pier again, arriving in the Nuova Darsena.


Typical products

Symbol plate of Tuscan cuisine, the Cacciucco alla livornese exemplifies the openness of the city of Livorno. The recipe varies depending of the fish that the Sea provides, flavored with garlic, parsley, wine, onion and tomato and served on slices of Tuscan bread. Moreover, tradition has it that this dish is accompanied by a glass of red wine and not white. Recently to the Caciucco of Livorno was dedicated a festival in June where you can taste the most famous Tuscan fish soup.

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