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The Argentario promontory surrounded by sea may in all the splendor of its unique landscapes, extremely diverse marine environment and particularly mild climate which makes it ideal holiday spot for most of the year.



The Argentario coast, thanks to the extraordinary variety of landscape, is destination appreciated by the lovers of the immersions but also from who is simply to the search of places in which to relax and to enjoy some nature, with his to follow him of the breathtaking bluffs and enchanting calettes bathed by a clear sea, whose reflected to the light of the sun remember the silver.

The homonym mountain is joined to the Mainland beaches of Feniglia and Giannella and artificial road which bisects the Orbetello lagoon. Punta Telegrafo is the highest peak of Monte Argentario, 635 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking view overlooking the island of Elba, Giannutri, Giglio, Montecristo and even Corsica.

The two most renowned centres which are nestled between its towering cliffs are Porto Santo Stefano placed on the northwestern side of the promontory and Porto Ercole, on the eastern side; formerly tiny fishing villages that today have done their main resource tourism.



Historically inhabited by the Etruscans, whose presence in the Maremma is well documented by a large number of archaeological remains, and the Romans, whose trace remains in the ruins of the baths of Domitian (Porto Santo Stefano); the territory fell under the Dominion of the Spaniards, around the middle of the sixteenth century, a passing testified by the numerous buildings from them built as the Palace of the rulers in the heart of Porto Ercole or the picturesque Spanish mill still visible in Orbetello lagoon.



Typical products

The Maremma is not just a collection of authentic and unspoiled land and sea but also tours of excellence. This slice of Tuscany boasts of Slow Food Presidium as the bottarga di Orbetello, produced from eggs of mullet.

Queen of Monte Argentario is then the eel, bred in the lagoon of Orbetello, which is flavored with the scaveccio, a sauce made of peppers and vinegar; a must taste in Porto Santo Stefano on caldaro, a tasty fish soup typical of the place and originally prepared by the fishermen themselves aboard their vessels.



Orbetello and Monte Argentario Argentario are municipalities within which includes Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole.


Typicality and traditions

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