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Food and Wine

Anguilla of Orbetello

Typical product of the lagoon

The eel is a typical dish from the area of Orbetello, which for centuries has been prepared according to the ancient recipe dating back to the Spanish rule on the Argentario, in the 16th century. The fishing in the lagoon at that time in fact allowed the survival and preservation methods of fish were the only solution to create a food reserve that could last months.

The activity of eel fishing is not seasonal but takes place in both winter and summer, following the methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. The fishermen of today, which are part of the Orbetello Lagoon Fishing guarantee high quality in all stages of production, contributing to environmental protection with integrated forms of fishing and fish tourism eco-compatible.

To prepare the famous "shaded black eel" you use usually that pantanina rather greasy but full of flavor that once fished and eviscerated is put to soak in vinegar for a few hours and then allowed to dry in the Sun and the wind to tramontana. The eels so prepared are then topped with a thick sauce made from chilli peppers, olive oil, salt and vinegar and then smoked over a fire kindled with the straw. Despite this fish has a delicate flavor, the ideal wine to accompany this dish and a red unaged Morellino.

Other traditional recipe is that of "eels scavecciate", that is covered with the scaveccio which is a marinade made with white wine or vinegar, bell pepper, garlic, Bay leaves, Sage and Rosemary. After being cleaned, pass in coarse salt and hung to dry in the air, the touches of anguilla are fried or roasted and then submerged to marinate in the scaveccio. In this way the dish can be stored in glass jars for several months. The perfect wine in this case a Ansonico of Argentario.

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