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Smoked eel Orbetello lagoon

The recipe of the traditional dish of Argentario

Smoked eel of Orbetello is an excellence of Tuscan territory, delicious dish of fish whose recipe is traced back to the seventeenth century.

The eel inhabits the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea overlooking the Arcipelago Toscano and its richness and Spanish culture that dominated the Maremma made sure this fish has always characterized the kitchen of Orbetello and Argentario becoming one of the most popular dishes.


The origin of the name

Still debated because the eel is called feather. For some the term comes from the dialect word and means smoked, while for others it says color gradient that mature thanks to the sauce that covers it during cooking.


The ancient preparation which conserves the traditional taste

The eels are left to marinate in vinegar and water after cleaning the inside and outside. And let drain hung outdoors for a couple of days.

Once dried are dressed with a sauce of Spanish origin known as "pimento" Tuscan women prepared differently according to personal taste.

The eels are smoked on the grill at the end, and for anyone who prepares them traditionally in home chimneys.


How to eat smoked eel of Orbetello

Dried eels are perfect to taste as seasoning for a classic spaghetti, cut into small pieces to leave fry with garlic, oil and chilli pepper in pan

Another way to eat them is naturally, leaving heat on the grill, being careful not to let it cook too.


A fish with a unique taste that blends the flavor of the sea traditional Tuscan Cookbook's flavours to try in the seaside town of Orbetello.



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