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The Bollito toscano

A traditional dish prepared with quality meat

Today we speak of Florentine or Tuscan boiled, an integral part of our culture and our way of being for its unmistakable taste.

Prepare the stew is very simple, for some even pleasant due to its slow cooking and choice of the doses of the ingredients according to your preference.

Ingredients and recipe for bollito misto
  • Beef in different denominations, to be added if you prefer, to chicken
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Parsley
  • Salt, oil and pepper
  • Green Sauce

To prepare a good boiled it is necessary to have good Tuscan meat and for this, the most suitable are the brisket, the real and the beef rib: beef cuts with tasty and rich in pulp, but are fine in other parts recommended by the butcher of trust, based on the amount you intend to serve at table.

You have found the right meat simply let it boil in a large pot 5 liter of water 2 onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes.

Once in boiling should be added the beef parts that will remain in cooking for an hour or more, depending on how you prefer the consistency of the meat.

The meat, cooked and soft to the right spot, you can serve the dish accompanied by salsa verde or within a rosette, and a glass of Tuscan red wine.

Choose meat Tuscany is not just important, but essential

For a traditional mixed boiled meat Tuscanyis required great. Among the companies on It's Tuscany you can see butchers who for years operating in the area by selecting the highest quality meat, always fresh and genuine.


Macelleria Bindi, where each beef and pork from farms in a semi wild state, worked by hand from Stefan Baker, in Arcidosso

Macelleria Gastronomia Lo Scalco, exclusive seller of inbred Calvana "meat and meat to school very tasty like the mallegato, also known as black pudding, in the heart of San Miniato

Macelleria Marianelli Luca, historical reality of Montopoli in Val d'arno for over 5 generations, with selected products and a butchery of first quality

La Macelleria di Quaglierini Federico, where tradition is at home, with high quality meats that retain the charm of the old traditional workmanship thanks to Federico and his son Mattia, in Cecina.

Tutto Toscano Salumi, with a selection of local products, meat with truffles and more, backed by the craftsmanship of Marco Piacenti, in San Miniato Basso


Each season brings its specialties, and with the arrival of the first cold here returns the stew.

A dish that had gone to rest throughout the summer, leaving many people desire to be able to taste again soon, in family or in one of the many tripe that in Florence and surroundings offer it along with giblets


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