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The company Tutto Toscano Salumi, leader in the production of sausages and cured meats of the highest quality, is located in San Miniato Basso, in the province of Pisa.

Since 1957 Tutto Toscano Salumi all are working with dedication to the production of typical Tuscan products, fine cuts and genuine. A passion that Marco Pandit puts every day, inspired by his grandfather Guido, mentor and former taste artisan from whom he inherited the business.

A company that interprets values of craftsmanship Tuscany, respectful of the aromas and perfumes of the land. Excellencies worked entirely by hand, in a unique process of bagging and tying with seasoning performed on wooden boards to enhance the quality of meat, all coming from Tuscan Chain with EEC certification for products.

Among the specialties of maestro Marco Piacenti, unique and unmistakable flavour, are proposed:

  • The classic Tuscan salami and sausages
  • Meat with truffles or saffron
  • Sausages, hams and wild boar salami

Excellence with a unique taste that maintain the properties, synonym for over 60 years of Tuscan flavour and passion from an old family tradition.

For this Tutto Toscano Salumi is not only butcher, but also undertaking to transmit the values of the territory of Pisa and passion that each day is a place within an establishment at the forefront. Completely refurnished, where once techniques are used: the room of the ripening of the meat, set up with untreated wood slats, and other separate spaces in order to preserve the aromas of each product.

All Tuscan Salumi is the opportunity to enjoy the real Tuscan tasting, drifting from the taste of the craftsmanship of quality meat.

Area territoriale

Valdarno Inferiore

Tutto Toscano Salumi di Marco Piacenti Viale G.Marconi n.109/A 56028 San Miniato Basso +39 0571 1592055