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Tuscan provinces and zodiac signs

Discover the perfect match for your sign

Are you passionate about astrology and want to explore the Tuscan provinces, perhaps planning the trip by choosing the stages based on astrological affinities?

Then you've come to the right place.

In this article, we will reveal the perfect match between the zodiac signs and the 9 provinces of Tuscany - come had already associated each sign also an artist). As you will see, some character characteristics are reflected in certain atmospheres and traditions; Do not miss this guide: we will reveal the hidden affinities between the characteristics of the signs and the wonders of Tuscany.


Explore Tuscany according to your zodiac sign: the perfect astrological itinerary

Are you passionate about astrology and want to live a unique adventure among the Tuscan provinces? In this exciting astrological journey, we will guide you to discover the perfect match between the zodiac signs and the cities of Tuscany.

Get ready to discover which Tuscan province resonates with your personality, immersing yourself in unique atmospheres, ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes.



Toro: Arezzo is famous for its artisan tradition and the production of gold jewelry, which are connected to determination, stability and the search for luxury and beauty typical of the sign. The city also offers a calm and serene atmosphere, perfect for lovers of art and good food... How are Taurus, right?


Grosseto (Italy)

Cancer: Grosseto is surrounded by the beauty of Tuscan nature, including the sea and the countryside, recalling the emotional bond and sensitivity of the Cancer towards the natural environment. This province offers breathtaking landscapes, golden beaches and nature reserves that will allow you to relax and regenerate, pampering your inner self.

Sagittarius: Grosseto is an ideal destination for lovers of adventure and exploration. Here you can go hiking in nature reserves, practice water sports or explore the medieval villages of the Maremma: the energy and freedom of Sagittarius will find ample room for their space of expression.



Gemini: Livorno is a vibrant city, multicultural and open to the world, with a history of international trade. Here you can immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere typical of seaside cities that well represents the variety and liveliness of Gemini, a sunny sign but with strong-willed mood changes.



Aquarius: Lucca is a city steeped in history and culture, with its perfectly preserved medieval walls and its historic center full of treasures.

This combination connects very well to the typical traits of the aquarium which are individuality, inspiration and innovation.



Scorpio: Massa-Carrara is famous for its marble quarries that recall the deep, mysterious, almost ancestral and transformative energy of the Scorpios.



Aries: Pisa is famous for its Leaning Tower, a symbol of audacity and also of bravado; and doesn't this recall the enterprising, courageous and ambitious spirit of Aries?



Leo: Florence is the capital of Tuscany and is renowned for its history and culture. The energy, generosity and charisma of Leo are reflected in the artistic and architectural magnificence of the city and then... is not really the Marzocco, whose name derives from 'Marticus' the lion of Mars god of war according to Roman mythology, the symbol of the city?



Virgo: Pistoia is a city characterized by a charming and well-preserved historic center. The attention to detail, precision and dedication of the Virgins are reflected in the care and love for art and architecture present in Pistoia.



Capricorn: Prato is a city with a rich textile and manufacturing tradition. The discipline, ambition and tenacity of Capricorn are reflected in the craftsmanship and the search for perfection that characterize Prato's textile production.

Pisces: Although Tuscany does not have a specific province for Pisces, even this sign can find great satisfaction in walking the streets of Prato; The atmosphere of this city in fact offers an ideal environment for creative expression and connection with the art and beauty that fish seek.



Libra: Siena is the perfect city for the sign of Libra. Its architectural beauty and harmonious atmosphere recall the aesthetics and balance constantly sought by this sign, which can stroll through its medieval and charming streets.




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