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Which Tuscan artist are you based on your zodiac sign?

Tell us what sign you are and we will tell you which Tuscan artist resembles you the most

The Tuscan artist who adapts to your astrological vibes


Aries: Leonardo da Vinci. Explosive, not classifiable in any category, known for acting on impulse, restless, obstinate and with the firm conviction, perhaps rightly, that his ideas are always the best. Literally, like an Aries.


Taurus: Michelangelo. The strongest characteristic is the tension, the obstinacy, the energy that is always found in his works, due to his continuous search for self-overcoming: he rivals the bulls in terms of stubbornness and high ideals of perfection.


Gemini: Dante, the free thinker par excellence, who was in love with his sign so much that he thanked him in the Divine Comedy for "... having given him that style that has done him honor and recognizes to his zodiac sign his knowledge and his being".


Cancer: Amedeo Modigliani. Like Modì, those born under the sign of cancer are incurable dreamers, romantic and reflective, sensitive almost to excess and beyond.


Leone: Giorgio Vasari, the man who invented the Renaissance, cultured and versatile, the first of its kind... as all lions feel.


Virgin: Giovanni Fattori, with a precise and meticulous art, like virgins who need everything to be in its place. romantic, inconspicuous, but capable of expressing very deep emotions.


Scales: Brunelleschi. Everyone knows his grumpy character but also the constant search for balance. The scale also has a mediating ability combined with a great sensitivity and an attraction for the aesthetic and artistic sense.


Scorpion: Pietro Mascagni. Pungent, with one of the most beautiful souls of the zodiac, scorpions are heedless of danger, jealous and often animated by a fiery and never tame vengeful desire.


Sagittarius: Piero della Francesca. The greatness of Piero della Francesca's painting lies in the gestures of the protagonists depicted, so dramatically expressive to the limits of truthfulness and the constant need for evolution. I know Sagittarius, right?


Capricorn: Giacomo Puccini. Talented, shy, sincere, Puccini revolutionized the idea of music becoming an icon of his time, stubborn and stubborn like a true Capricorn.


Aquarius: Leon Battista Alberti, a multifaceted figure but always consistent with his values and with the fact that with hard work you can succeed in every area, as aquarians also believe.


Pisces: Giotto. With the head always in the clouds, the classic and elegant composure of the fish passes through endless passages of delicate shading.



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