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Food and Wine

Traditional bread of Altopascio

All the taste of Tuscan bread from the bakaries of Lucchesia

The Pane Tradizionale di Altopascio is a historical product of the Lucchesia, with a particular production process which makes it unique and inimitable. A true and own assets in Tuscany. Altopascio bread is produced without the use of yeast, because the traditional recipe traced back to the middle ages included the preparation of tanning: a special mixture that only the bakeries of Lucchesia and housewives have kept secret at the time.

The recipe for lasting the mystery of traditional workmanship, but the taste is well known due to its unique taste. Tricky because without salt, as the authentic Tuscan bread, the draft and the tendency of Altopascio are obtained from the craftsmanship of wheat flour from the mills. A process that preserves the flavors of land, letting the shops of historic centre is issued a unique scent.

The bread has a clear, crisp, browned crust with letting the Crumb is soft and ideal accompaniment for cheeses and cured meats of Tuscan cutting boards. To enhance the flavor can be roasted and seasoned with salt and olive oil of Lucchesia to gives life to classic bruschetta.

Altopascio bread is considered a typical Tuscan food, an excellence of the city that produces as a result of the raw materials used and precise production rules that distinguish it. Altopascio is also known as city of bread, proud to represent the territory of Lucchesia and its flavours.

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