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Ancient Italian cattle breed

Chianina meat takes its name from his homeland, the Valdichiana. It is an ancient Italian cattle breed mainly in Tuscany, but also in Umbria and Lazio. His coat is pure white and its tapered legs allow it to graze without difficulty.

Its meat is the most valuable of Italy, by it we get the famous Florentine steak, Tuscan hinge plate. From this animal we obtain an infinite number of cuts including: the Walker, the Bell, the rump, rump, sirloin, rump shoulder and many others. The Tuscan cooking method can be only one: strictly to blood, but you can enjoy the Steak of chianina beef with a medium rare or well done.

In ancient times this animal was used to work from people like the Romans and Etruscans and today are raised exclusively for meat production. Its nature allows her to a great life out to pasture, although the majority of farms spread Valdichiana takes place in enclosed spaces and plots. It comes in either case of holdings where the animal is breathing clean air and feeds on herbaceous forage and food without preservatives.

This white giant has always been valued by humans for its ability to withstand great efforts and for its Majesty. For years targeted checks are made on the meats to avoid scams, for this was set up some kind of book in which they are registered pure-bred cattle. Moreover, a guarantee of genuineness of the flesh is the trademark IGP Vitellone Bianco dell'appennino Centrale.

Chianina is the center of many fairs and traditions: a chianina calf is the coveted prize winning team of Calcio Storico Fiorentino. In the Palio di Siena, instead, Chianina oxen pulling the Carroccio (cart, which carried the banner of the Palio) during the parade in Piazza del Campo.

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