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Il Castello Rivive

Medieval charm of Nozzano, ancient borough of Lucchesia

Il Castello Rivive is a traditional medieval festival that every year on 2 and 3 September takes place within the walls of the historical village of Catello di Nozzano and that still retains the charm of the 12th century. This place is the place to awaken your colors, costumes and magical traditions of the past through the presence of fire eaters, stilt walkers, jugglers, minstrels, musicians, soldiers and Duelists, Angels, witches, markets and fairs.

Strolling through the old and charming streets of place, you have the opportunity to participate in Street entertainment. The entire event is a truly unique experience to immerse yourself in the daily life of the past of Lucchesia with cultural tours.

Through the people of the countryside , the whole country Festival is staging its traditional crafts and customs, and faithfully reproduces every dish of tradition through the preparation of tabernae or taverns. Here you can taste the local produce, fine wine from the Colline Lucchesi and the Ippocrasso, the delicious flavored wine that is told is good for the body and spirit. To make the experience even more authentic also coins to purchase products that are the same as in the medieval period. After entering the country from the entrance of the castle of Nozzano, in the Offizio de Cambio you can converting euros into Sercambi, Matildi e Matildini.


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