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Elba Island


The best beaches in Elba

The ones you just can't miss

Elba Island is a seaside paradise, maritime Tuscany at its best with a hint of Caribbean thanks to its crystal clear waters, especially in September.


The Elbe even in high season is obviously nice, but let's be honest: the time spent enjoying the beach will be short because most of the day you will spend it looking for parking or a square meter of free sand to spread the towel...before joining with the various rows for ice cream, sandwich or cold coffee. So, to be honest, we suggest you go there in a low season, to fully enjoy all the incredible qualities.


After our posts dedicated to the beach of Calignaia, the island of Montecristo and the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany, we could not but write in more detail about the best beaches of the Island of Elba.


Elba is the third largest island in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia, but it is not as big. Napoleon's stay island has been a paradise on land since the second week of September and early June, while it's all a bit more complicated in a stay in the middle of summer (unless you can get private access to a beach or lucky enough to take a boat vacation).

That said, once you're there, elba will give you a beach that's prettier than the other. There they are!


There are about 76 beaches reachable without a boat; most of the larger ones are close to a road, others require a walk to be reached. Whether gravel or sand, they exist of all sizes, although the charm of the Elbe coves lies precisely in their small size.


Cabbage, Dry and Fetovaia


The beaches of these three small bays on the southwestern coast of elba are small and beautiful, with fine sand and a few rocks to the side, the water is clear. All are quite protected and easily accessible.

Cabbage has been the most renowned among young people for years;  in July and August it is in fact often the scenery of beach parties and DJ sets.

Change of atmosphere, in Dry the atmosphere is quiet and very suitable for families,thanks to the services offered in the country behind it. Fetovaia with golden sand, where the bottom drops slowly and the water is crystal clear, turquoise: all this and much more make it seriously contribute to being the most beautiful beach on the Island of Elba.


White Cape and Samson


These famous white beaches are perfect if you stay in Portoferraio: the white gravel of Cape Bianco and Samson and the steep cliffs behind create a beautiful spectacle. You can walk to Cape Bianco if you're nearby, otherwise there's also parking (for a fee) if it's too hot for a walk.

In the beautiful beach of Samson you will find a small equipped establishment and a bar; to walk the path that leads to the beach, we advise you to wear sports shoes: the road is in fact winding and not really recommended for those who have small children and strollers.


Biodola and Flakes

And we want to talk about the two beaches that share a bay on the north coast of the island? Clear waters for snorkeling and fine sand, as well as the enchanting atmosphere in the small villages around... A suggestion? Get comfortable, order a beer or spritz on Scaglieri beach, and enjoy the sunset, while the silhouettes of Capraia Island and Corsica greet you on the horizon.



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