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Most important district of Florence in terms of working with leather, is Stefano Bemer leader in handcrafted shoes for men. It differs for the selection of the highest quality materials, using from world famous suppliers.

Stefano Bemer began his career at 17 years when, from their shoe punctured, he discovered that in the country where he lived there were Cobblers. He thought so in 1983, being him the initiator of that trade. He taught himself the infinite variations of footwear, fixing broken shoes, then attending courses and workshops and learning from old Florentine craftsmen.

Thanks to his efforts moved his atelier in Florence where his art and his mastery you are better expressed until his untimely death in 2012. Stefano not only produced shoes but gave life to ideas and converted the city cradle of Renaissance art and stimuli in his creations.

From 2013, Tommaso Melani, became ceo of the company has taken over a legacy of quality, luxury, taste and refinement. Stefano Bemer shoes are tailor-made, which is tailored according to the needs and requests of the client and possess a ready to wear product line designed for seven types of foot, for a total of 50 models.

Stefano Bemer shoes are appreciated by members of European royal families, celebrities like the actor Andy Garcia, the singer Julio Iglesias, the architect Paul Tange and the designer Ikko Tanaka. But even Hollywood actors like Daniel Day-Lewis who during a holiday in Tuscany you fell in love with the workshop of Stephen and he decided to spend 11 months in an attempt to break away from the hectic world and regenerate themselves, learning and working for the Tuscan artisan.

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Firenze e Area Fiorentina


Do training with real professionals

The company Stefano Bemer has started a training program with the help of the Leather School to acquire skills in footwear to those who want, as well as the ability to put into practice what is learned. The course is divided into three parts and is programmed to deliver to all the tools necessary to create handmade shoes.

The aesthetic canons of Stefano Bemer

The subtle proportion between width and length of the shapes defines a masculine and elegant silhouette. The strength of the company are certainly the types of leather used. The flat waxed cotton laces sit parallel, straight and still on the instep, almost incorporated into the shoe.

STEFANO BEMER S.r.l. Via di San Niccolò n. 2 50125 Firenze +39 055 0460476