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Stefano Bemer is a world-famous company, dedicated to the production of handmade shoes, situated in an ancient Church of San Niccolò neighbourhood in Florence in 1439.

Tommaso Melani, Chief Executive Officer of Stefano Bemer, took the lead brand in 2012 after the death of the founder, with the support of his family business, the Scuola del Cuoio (a company founded by his grandfather in 1950).

The idea and strategy of Thomas is to strengthen the production capacity of tailored services and create a program in order to train the next generation of craftsmen and instilling the virtues of bespoke service in a prêt-à-porter in step with the times.

In the draft submitted by Melani, Bemer family recognized a shared vision of how the work of Stefano Bemer, maintaining that is the same brand as synonym of style and sophistication.

Stefano Bemer founded his company in 1983 with the aim of creating the perfect shoe Italian craftsmanship. Through her curiosity, he learned the techniques of workmanship and their art is still appreciated and recognized worldwide.

Thanks to the efforts of Stephen, and supporting Thomas Melani, Stefano Bemer brand became closely associated with the highest standards of elegance and Italian quality.

You can admire and discover the handmade creations of the company Stefano Bemer in Via San Niccolo 2, in the Centre of Florence.

Area territoriale

Firenze e Area Fiorentina


Style and refinement of Stefano Bemer creations

The style of Stefano Bemer's creations gives a visual definition to the man who imagine when they conceive their creations: elegant but never rigid, extravagant but never showy, sure of themselves but never arrogant and sophisticated but never pretentious.

STEFANO BEMER S.r.l. Via di San Niccolò n. 2 50125 Firenze +39 055 0460476