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Historic Palio of Roccatederighi

The traditional tournament of the municipality of Roccastrada

The Historic Palio of Roccatederighi, Roccastrada, rooted in the middle ages (1295) when the Sienese during their rule instituted the Giostra dei Sestrieri with palio. The first carousel took place on 14 August 1295 to celebrate the marriage of Binda, daughter of Pedro Bindoccino, and Bartolomeo di Nuccio, son of Aldobrandino Saracini Gentleman of Siena, Union which marked the suzerainty of Siena on Roccatederighi.

The ancient race was held again in the modern era in 1947 with road dirt road and donkeys Farley. The Palio of the country has always held according to the rules passed down from the middle ages and is preceded by procession parading to Roccatederighi in period costumes.

To compete for the coveted drape the contradas of Corso, Tramonto, Nobili, Ventosa and Torre riding their donkeys, assigned by lottery on the morning of the race. Le contrade participants from six (hence the name "Palio dei Sestieri") were brought to five when the District of Tufolino was incorporated in that of the tower.

From 1947 to 1970 the Palio was raced on September 14 but since 1971 it experienced a summer edition, the eve of August, so that even the numerous holidaymakers could attend the event. The edition of August had a very good response from the public so that it was decided to make it into the final date.



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