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A picnic in Riserva Naturale Biogenetica of Vallombrosa

Recommendations for a picnic in tuscan style

When the sun shines bright in the summer sky, what better way to enjoy a wonderful picnic? The Sunday is the perfect day to spend a day outdoors with the family or a group of friends.  

For the success of a picnic are necessary three factors:

  • the good weather
  • of good food
  • one space available


A great place for a lunch in the green

Usually it starts with the choice of venue. A picnic can be done almost anywhere!  Can be arranged in your back yard, in a City Park, on the shores of the Lake or the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside.

The Tuscany is dotted with parks and meadows, ideal places to enjoy some time in the outdoors.

Among the many points equipped, one must spend a Sunday lunch is the Riserva Naturale Biogenetica of Vallombrosa, in the town of Reggello.

This area is located just a short distance from Florence and is a fascinating place. Inside you can see theAbbey, the Museum of sacred art, both born at the behest of San Giovanni Gualberto, the experimental Orchards and the Dendrological Museum.

The Arboretums are named by the protagonists of the various collections (Tozzi, Paveri, Perona, Allegri) and are distinguished by different botanists Dendrological Museum preserves the seed of all the species found in the Park.

The reserve is equipped with dining areas and picnic area with wooden tables and barbecue to allow everyone to enjoy a day in close contact with nature.

The "pratone" of Vallombrosa is the perfect place to kick back and relax so should not be missing from large beach towels, old cloths, mats, blankets and quilts. If you want to sit there is no lack of inviting flat rocks or tree stumps.


What to eat?

Once the location has been identified, we can only think about the food. If you have time for dabbling in the kitchen would be great to avoid buying things ready. A quality food is that particular indispensable to the success of a good lunch.

What's better than a classic picnic basket full of goodies? If you have no way to get in the kitchen is always better to opt for products manufactured by local producers, Tuscany is rich, in the traditional way.

Straw Picnic Baskets Mona Lisa Café meet this need to perfection! These baskets are made by hand and hold within them the real culinary delights made in Tuscany. Are three variants available here are some products that can be found within them: Chianti red wine, white wine, salami with mushrooms, sbriciolona, Pate capers, olives, white truffle veloute, various jams and cheeses.


Now we have to enjoy this relaxing Sunday in the company of excellent Tuscan food and lush nature of the Riserva of Vallombrosa.


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