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White gold of Tuscany

White truffle or Tuber Magnatum Pico is the absolute protagonist of the lands of San Miniato. Set like a diamond in the rolling hills of San Miniato, the truffle is a fungus prized tuber shaped. This depends on the soil in which it grows, a hard soil and clayey which gives a distorted shape. The food of Kings, is produced mainly in the countryside of Pisa, embracing more than thirty municipalities, but also in the Crete Senesi, in Casentino and in Mugello.

Has an outer layer of clear, golden yellow and light brown flesh with many veins. The truffle has variable size, from the seed of a bean for an Apple, rarely reach larger sizes and gives off a distinctive smell. Regulated by regional laws, its collection is permitted from 10 September to 31 December.

The white truffle of San Miniato holds the world record of largest truffle ever found. Is a merit that belongs to the last century, when, in 1954 Arturo Gallerini is penetrated in the woods as every morning in search ofwhite gold and found a truffle weighing five pounds. The largest ever found was then donated to the President of the United States Eisenhauer.

Is a product that is consumed fresh, because cooking it suppresses the aroma. Flakes on noodles, over the sliced meat or fall on risotto. In addition, from 42 years San Miniato celebrates the national exhibition of white truffle, which transforms the city throughout the month of November in an intertwining of tradition and good food.

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