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Food and Wine


Combination of history, tradition & flavors

"Montepulciano of each wine is King", begins as follows Francesco Redi in his "Bacco in Toscana", a poem that leaves no room for the more than five hundred wines reviewed by the poet and man of letters. Vino Nobile di Montepulciano even before being a recognized brand around the world, is a blend of history, tradition, territory, food and drinks.

It is unclear whether the name of Noble derives from the allusion to the quality of the wine or the rank of the people who estimavano. Is prized for centuries for its features that make it unique. The first historical reference dates to 789 in a document that certifies the sale of a vineyard to ecclesiastical class.  The quality of Noble was born in the vineyard is a wine with a Ruby red colour and balanced flavour, with possible hints of wood. The grape varieties that give life to this "nectar" are Sangiovese ( Prugnolo Gentile in Montepulciano) and grape varieties Canaiolo nero. The maturation of this ancient and fine wine is cradled within barrels kept in prestigious wineries and must take place at least two years from the first of January following the harvest.

The best way to taste it and appreciate all the qualities, is at room temperature, preferably using glasses a large goblet. It is a wine for every meal, from starters like pici with ragù of local tradition to meat of all kinds. Was the first to be recognized as d.o.c.g. (Controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin), ranking it among the wines on the throne of Italy.

His homeland, Montepulciano, located between the Valdichiana and the Val d'Orcia is a territory that has ideal characteristics for the birth, growth and development of the vineyards that produce it. Is a small area, which is perhaps why, makes the Noble even more a niche product. The wine of Montepulciano is also promoted by the Associazione Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano which deals with enhancing the many varieties and wine of the territory of the Valdichiana.


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