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Val di Cornia is an area known for its great variety of natural parks and also renowned worldwide for the Val di Cornia DOC wines.



The land area of Val di Cornia lies approximately opposite the island of Elba in the provinces of Pisa and Livorno. The playgrounds here preserved consists of: 3 museums, archaeological parks, 4 2 nature parks. These places, waiting to be discovered, archaeological, historical and naturalistic point of view have been elected as locations with an offer of excellence and awarded prizes such as the blue flag. Val di Cornia is very popular tourist destination for its unpolluted sea and everyone who visits, can be found along this land his little piece of heaven. Moreover, it is an oasis of relaxation where you can make long walks while surrounded by nature, or enjoy the thermal springs and spas.



There are numerous trails for hiking or biking. The history of this ancient Valley is enclosed within the many parks where once were the Etruscans. Suvereto, an ancient village of the Valley and cradle of medieval heritage is rich in monuments and churches to explore.

For those who love nature and sport this is a territory lends itself to outdoor activities. An example is the autumn Trekking, a tour in October, including a walk from coastal Park Rimigliano at coastal Park Sterpaia, where you can observe wild animals in complete safety. For those who want to kick back, play park Il Cavallino Matto in Donoratico, the largest in Tuscany, is the ideal solution.


Typical products

The wines of the Cornia Valley are combined well with the panzanella, dish made of bread soaked in the water, tomatoes and basil. Other typical products of this Valley are: spinach of Val di Cornia and the purple artichoke.



The municipalities belonging to the territorial area of Val di Cornia are: Campiglia Marittima, Suvereto, Sassetta.


Typicality and traditions

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