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Tuscan Pasta is the brand of superior quality of Pastificio Fabianelli. It is brewed using wheat coming from Tuscany and experience of Forefathers, who can to bronze.

This is a genuine product that expresses its goodness in a marriage of tastes, scents and sensations. Tuscan pasta keeps cooking because his workmanship to gluten tenacious and resilient exudes a unique fragrance that comes from the quality of the durum wheat.

Tuscany is recognizable in the strong taste of pasta and in the color of bronze drawing.

Tuscan pasta has three lines: Classic, Organic and whole wheat with Omega 3.

Pasta classic Tuscany is a line of quality, thanks to the excellent durum wheat selection and bronze drawing.

Organic Tuscany Pasta respects health and environment and is produced with the best organic durum wheat semolina.

Tuscan Pasta whole wheat with Omega 3 is the perfect combination of taste and health. Contains a high amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals that help to keep fit. The content of Omega 3, assured by the addition of flax flour (Ala Omega 3), has a preventive action against cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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Bio product

Tuscan Pasta

Tuscan organic egg pasta


€ 30,00
Bio product

Tuscan Pasta

Case Selection Pasta Tuscany


€ 12,00
Bio product

Tuscan Pasta

Whole organic Tuscany pasta with Omega 3


€ 22,00
Bio product

Tuscan Pasta

Tuscany Biological Pasta pierced in bronze


€ 20,00
Bio product

Tuscan Pasta

Classic Tuscany pasta pierced in bronze


€ 18,00
PASTIFICIO FABIANELLI SPA via Sant'Antonino, 107 52043 Castiglion Fiorentino +39 0575 65601