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Tuscan Gold

An historic art in the contemporary era

Tuscany is a region rich in family-run workshops that engage diverse materials processing. One area where the Tuscans are of indisputable masters is the Goldsmith.

Are known in all the way the Shop Windows full of jewels that follow one another along the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the shops that have origins in 1500 when the Duke Ferdinando I de ' Medici decided to replace the many butchers with most noble task.

In the historical center of Florence thrive several goldsmiths but the lion's share in the field is to be attributed to Arezzo, noble city of medieval origin.

Arezzo is renowned both as a center of education and research and for supplying always the jewellers of Florence. The gold in Arezzo dates back to the Etruscans, floridi fine filigree jewelry manufacturers, and today the mastery of Arezzo goldsmiths is constantly evolving while still managing to keep that old preciousness.

Aretino is a very advanced in this area and economic districtn and "Oro Arezzo ", fair born in the 80 of 1900, hundreds still collects local, national and international operators.

The Goldsmith's art represents one of the excellence of Made in Tuscany. In this land was at its best is the fusion between past and present that the synthesis between modern design and the indispensable know-how craftsman guarded for centuries.


Discover on It's Tuscany the unique creation of ICUDAL, atelier of jewellery in Lucca and Marco Balderi Orafo, craftsman of gold in Pietrasanta.


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