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Tortello Mugellano

When the taste meets tradition

Tortelli Mugellani are a traditional dish , perfect combination of taste and quality tasty ingredients and because from the territory.

The ravioli or Tortelli have a square-shaped and are characterized by a particular smoothness due to the fresh pasta and potato stuffing.

The unmistakable smell of fresh pasta is mixed with that of potato mixed in cheese, parsley and garlic, and no city or House in Mugello documentation is prepared by hand, according to the traditional recipe.

This dish also retains an ancient history, traced back to 1400 when the Pulci, poet of the Court of Lorenzo Il Magnifico, extolled them with an emphasis describing the perfect match with a wine glass.


Ma soprattutto del buon vino ho fede 

Credo che sia salvo chi gli crede

Credo nella torta e nel tortello

L’uno è la madre e l’altro il suo figliolo…”


As he recounted the fleas, the Tortello Mugellano is savoured in its delicacy with a good Tuscan red wine based on the sauce that you choose to dress them. Among the most used to enhance the flavor, we recommend several solutions.

A Classic meat sauce, a decided wild boar sauce or duck sauce, or alternatively a more delicate seasoning made from truffle oil or a Pat of butter and truffle shavings.

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