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Working of pietra serena

An arta Tuscany, Mugello heritage

The production of pietra serena is an important tradition in Mugello. Its origins are ancient, almost impossible to trace, even if advanced techniques of Stonecutters have developed since the 1970s.

Its epicenter is Firenzuola, historical place of manufacture and with many quarries around from which they get the stone. Today, around the town, there are 40 fields, but only 25 are used for extraction.

Here, the Tuscan artists, have always made fine artifacts intended for decorative use, and artistic masterpieces that have enriched the entire territory of Tuscany. There are many buildings scattered over a large part of the Maremma: houses, mills, and entire countries that are born from this stone slightly granular, shiny gray.

Scheggianico, Castiglioncello, Rapezzo, Tirli, Piancaldoli, San Pellegrino, Cerreta, Caburraccia and Coniale, or small mountain hamlets; they were built in stone, paved streets with characteristic, the roofs of houses.

Pietra serena, our national heritage, is decorated and artistically carved also in Marradi and in Firenze, near the Santa Brigida, with many firms that still preserves the fascinating culture of its processing handmade. A testimony of how its use has grown over time, and how to be a value to all of Tuscany.

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