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Pratovecchio Stia


The production of wool in Stia

An ancient Tuscan know interpreted today by Tessilnova

The production of wool is an ancient tradition of Casentinese, imported by the Romans. Weaving, practiced in ancient times with frame has become a symbol of Tuscan craftsmanship combined with the quality of a precious commodity: cloth of Casentino.

Initially in Stia was worked an impure and compact cloth, for the sale of two large cities like Prato and Firenze.


The wool of Stia, example of Tuscan art and culture

Now they realized that the particular wear resistance made it ideal for some special articles of clothing, and for this the monks and pastors toscani it served for a long time.

Over the centuries have been extensive manual techniques, until the "pannaioli", noted the tradesmen engaged in processing of the precious material, managed to improve its quality. From now to Stay, from simple casing, they started talking about a real art, so as to create a brand that has distinguished the cloth from the others present in the city.

In the late Middle Ages, many shops specialized in the treatment of a quality material and in the refinement of its workmanship, popular
the arcades of the main village, a symbol of craftsmanship Made in Tuscany whose values have been passed down to this day with a company unique.


An Ambassador of Tuscany, Tessilnuova of Claudio Grisolini

Tessilnova in the heart of Stia is the interpreter of this ancient history, art and culture of an entire territory. Here, where it originated the famous Casentino cloth are some of the company's laboratories.


The art of weaving by Claudio Grisolini, first designer of fine cloth, is the perfect example of the craftsmanship of this pure wool fabric, soft and fluffy. His techniques and ancient knowledge related to this material you are merged with latest technologies to give life to a know appreciated and known all over the world.