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Tessilnova di Claudio Grisolini & C. Snc, is a wool mill that, thanks to its many years of experience, realizes with passion the famous Panno Casentino, where everything originated, in the small village of Stia, in the province of Arezzo.

The ancient robust and curly wool cloth is an integral part of the history of the Valle del Casentino; indeed, the link between the processing of this particular fabric and its territory is strong. The cloth is famous for its resistance and for the warmth that gives the wearer, characteristics that are well suited to the harsh climate of this area.

The company was founded in 1961 by Gabriele Grisolini and today, led by his son Claudio, continues to produce high quality fabrics for both clothing and home furnishings. The Grisolini family carries on the centuries-old processing of the soft curly cloth, where it is located, and for many years worked, the famous Lanificio di Stia, a source of pride for the entire valley. Even today Tessilnova, in its laboratory, uses the old machinery of the past that combined with the latest generation tools, such as the use of water-repellent and stain-resistant Teflon, create a product of Tuscan excellence, unique in the world. A particular fabric, all Made in Italy (indeed, in Tuscany), also used in the collections of the most important fashion houses in the world.

Another strong point of the woolen mill is the processing of the precious 100% Cashmere, with which precious knitwear items for men and women are made.

Tessilnova, in addition to a ready-to-wear line, produces tailored tailored garments with a refined and elegant design.

Each dress tells a piece of Casentino history, all to be discovered and worn.

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Cloth identification color: goose beak orange

The color with which the Panno Casentino is known in the world is orange, which is traditionally combined with green. In fact, from some historical documents dating back to the eighteenth century, it seems that originally this fabric was "bright red, like blood". Was because of a technical error in the dye that the orange colour was obtained. Since then, until today, orange is the trademark that identifies this particular cloth, all Made in Tuscany.

Tessilnova di Claudio Grisolini & C. snc Via G. Sartori n. 2/4 52015 Pratovecchio - Stia +39 0575 582685