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Disfida degli arcieri di Terra e di Corte

A 16th century reenactment in Lunigiana

The Disfida degli arcieri di Fivizzano di Terra e di Corte, is the reenactment of the Lunigiana inspired by an ancient medieval battle of 1572, a tradition that combines the enchantment of folklore and tradition in the magical Piazza Medicea, in the heart of Fivizzano.

It is said that the Augustinian Friar Tommaso da Fivizzano decided to hand down a clash happened between the archers of Earth, living in the downtown, and the Court archers who lived outside the walls. Today the battle is inspired by the ancient duel that faithfully represents Fivizzano, the enchantment of Lunigiana and country that still preserves the medieval charm.

The Disfida degli arcieri di Fivizzano di Terra e di Corte has been rediscovered since the 1970s, and since then every year is enriched with details that made the event more interesting. The traditional 16th century costumes have added new characters, improved the scenery, added a bunch of Renaissance music and flag-waving with beautiful choreography.

An ideal setting, with a growing audience that attends the presentation of the ancient game, the oath of the team captains, and the preparation of the true challenge embellished from the historical procession with Medieval clothing faithfully reproduced. The five archers of each team duel with extreme precision, motivated by the desire to represent Fivizzano, and focused only to hit targets 30 metres away with traditional wooden bows shoot arrows from.

Photo Credits [Facebook: Disfida degli arcieri di terra e di corte]

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