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Located at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, this charming country knows a development in the Middle Age when the fortifications followed a very important town planning. Historically recognized for its importance as a result of strategic positioning, was the subject of contention for many Tuscan families until Lorenzo de' Medici decided to annex it permanently to Florence.

Today in Fivizzano we may observe beautiful churches and monuments scattered around the surrounding villages, an opportunity to visit this beautiful country and enjoy a trip out of town around this beautiful part of Tuscany.



In Fivizzano every year we organize events related to the past and typical products. To recall the medieval origins celebrates the Disfida tra gli arceri di terra e corte: an ancient medieval celebration which takes place in July, where the nearby villages to the country compete with an impressive race with arch.

To open the wine season, in November we organize the Fiera di San Martino, a food and wine event where the main character is the new season's wine that accompanies the typical local dishes.


Typical products

In Fivizzano, in addition to the typical Tuscan dishes, you can find the "pattona", a paste of flour, which is baked inside ovens wrapped inside of the leaves of the chestnut. The "carsenta", a dessert characteristic of Fivizzano seasoned with anise seeds and dried fruit. The "china", an ancient herbal liqueur dating back to 1884 and manufactured in the country.


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