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San Paolino, the palio of July 12

The tradition of the summer to the patron saint of Lucca, in the town of a hundred churches

In Lucca the patron is not just a party. For more than 30 days between June and July of each year we celebrate Giorni di San Paolino, a historic event in anticipation of July 12, when in 1664 the Saint saved his life to some fellow citizens.

For the occasion the city of 100 churches organize religious events, demonstrations, performances with musicians and historical reenactments, including the famous Palio di San Paolino, the most heard.

The palio officially beginsJuly 11 with the opening ceremony and the parade of flag-waving that streets in the whole city will arrive in piazza San Martino where Duelists are drawn for the following day. The next day the participants reach the Basilica of the Patron awaiting the afternoon party involving celebrates Saint Paolino, in memory of the miracle that saved a crowd of faithful from some Cannon shots.

Later In the evening, at 21.30 the whole city is found in Piazza San Martino, near the Duomo di Lucca to create the Palio that confronts the Crossbowmen. The challenge of archery, precision mixing is played using ancient wooden weapon italiane, symbol of the city since 1169 when the citizens of Lucca had to defend from attack by the Republic of Lucca.

Is declared winner the crossbowman who hits the target called jug, a special wooden cylinder, or that multiple approaches. The Prize consists in verretta stuck in the Dogwood, and a silver Collar that will hold for a year, in addition to the title of First et Better on all

A historical reenactment that takes its cue from Castruccio Castracani delli Antelminelli Lord of Lucca from 1305 to 1330, which sought to establish a prize to be given to the most skilled Crossbowmen to stimulate them to become familiar with the crossbow, weapon city symbol.



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