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San Miniato

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San Miniato, positioned on the hills between Florence and Pisa, is part of the latter province. The town was founded around the middle ages and is rich in history. The defensive walls, built in the 12th century, and the many ancient buildings are evidence of its important past.

The Torre di Federico II is situated on a hill and dominates the surrounding countryside. It was built by Federico II during his reign; Pietro della Vigna, Chancellor of Federico II was imprisoned until his death. The building was rebuilt after being destroyed during World War II, at the hands of the Germans.

The Duomo, is characterized by the façade decorated with coloured tiles and is joined by Matilde tower at the top of which is placed a watch. Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra is a small museum located near the Duomo, with works of art of painters known as Filippo Lippi, Neri di Bicci, Fra Bartolomeo, Federico Cardi (known as Cigoli) and Verrocchio. In Piazza del Popolo, stands the Chiesa di San Domenico. The building was built in the 14th century and houses numerous paintings and frescoes by Luca della Robbia and Donatello, Masolino da Panicale. Monastero di San Francesco founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1211, stands behind San Miniato, on a high hill. Is characterized by the typical Roman-Gothic style.



In San Miniato every year takes place the Palio di Cuoio, event created to celebrate the traditional activity of tanning. Vegetable tanned skin has been recognized as a Tuscan product


Typical products

The optimal climatic conditions along with a good human intervention in the territory made sure San Minato became an important wine producing area. Here are produced on Sangiovese, Colorino, Cannaiolo and Malvasia Nera. This wine is accompanied by a first-rate culinary tradition. The olive oil and the prized white truffle are products based on local cuisine.

As for the desserts, on the other hand, the uniqueness of San Miniato are the "cantuccini di Federigo". These cookies are a reworking of the typical Tuscan corner from which differ by the presence of raisins.


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