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Corteo dei Ceri e dei Censi

Sienese tradition handed down of the 12th century

The procession of candles is an ancient tradition that takes place every year in the city of Siena, on the eve of the feast of the assumption.

This procession that has ancient origins, dating from the middle of the 12th century, was born before the Palio di Siena, who accompanied only larger religious solemnity of medieval Siena.

The Palio in fact had to play a role in the background compared to the time of celebration, consisting of the procession and offer candles and Casado in the Cathedral.

Through this tradition Siena autocelebrava its solemnity and supremacy by requiring all the Republic to pay homage to the Virgin by offering in the Duomo.

The first may 1147, three brothers, monsignors of Montepescali conversing between obligations to the municipality and to the Bishop Ranieri to offer every year two candles from the value of five pounds. The candles, today as in the 12th century, were not taken by hand but inside containers paintings. Once at the Cathedral each candles community of the county or district had to be stacked up to the roof of the Cathedral, showing the mighty supremacy.

The procession of candles and Casado is traditionally composed of a group of Church and Civic Representatives from a group of Representatives who are meeting on 14 August, respectively in Piazza Santo Spirito and at Palazzo Pubblico.


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