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The real indoor training revolution has only one name: ORF MagneticDays srl. The company was founded in a garage in Foiano della Chiana, an ancient village of the Val di Chiana. Here, a group of friends, at some point decide to build a plane.

At ORF srl, historic Florentine Goldsmith led by Marco Sbragi has always been a Department of mechanics who followed the production of machinery for the production of the Goldsmith. Many of the employees of this Department realized, towards the end of the 80 's, with Marco, an experimental aircraft.

Once the plane, to a member of Marco, Enos Polvanesi, huge cycling fan was planning to transfer their engineering brilliance on the first draft of a crank. This, thanks to a linkage mechanism, could transmit more power with equal frequency.

From that first idea they decided together to create the Gobat, as a business unit of the Orf. Gobat stands for "Gold bike and technology" technology for bike born in gold factory. The crank was very successful but this was not enough, in fact for a period ceased to produce and develop new ideas.

Until the Gobat was commissioned to design a new generation to train with your bike indoors, which was to have as characteristics to be light and quiet. Enos, associate-mechanical genius, he set to work immediately and planned, or rather invented, MagneticDays.

The MagneticDays system offers a new training experience through a cloud system that allows you to connect the instrument to fixed or mobile devices, to monitor in real time the training session, providing guidance detailed.

Area territoriale

Val di Chiana

ORF SRL Via Gioco del pallone n. 68 52045 Foiano della Chiana +39 348 7078770