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MagneticDays it's the brand 100% Made in Tuscany, born in 2012 from an idea of Gobat, corporate engineering branch of O.R.F. S.r.l. of Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo).

Developed with the mission to develop new innovative solutions in the field of sports equipment for the indoor cycling training. With MagneticDays the technical limits of the classic training rollers commercially as weight, noise and size are exceeded.

After 5 years of research and development in Val di Chiana aretina JARVIS is born, the first Platform for indoor training with a scientific approach where theory and practice come together to give you a unique experience in 360 degrees.

JARVIS is much more than just a bicycle roller, a real scientific laboratory dedicated to all those who want to achieve greater results by bike. JARVIS allows you to train yourself to regain your physical and mental wellbeing in the simplest gesture of world cycling.

Excellence, design, quality, silence, compactness and high technology italiana are the pluses of this interactive training platform. Features integrated WiFi that allows you to connect the instrument to fixed devices (through software downloadable from the internet) and mobile (smartphones and tablets with dedicated App on iOS and Android) through which constantly monitor the progress of training sessionor by providing detailed guidance on the essential parameters of each workout (strength, power, natural frequency of pedaling, heart rate), easily accessible and assessable. There is also the possibility to connect the device via USB or Bluetooth.

MagneticDays allows the user/athlete communicate with their Coach, taking advantage of the interactive Cloud service through which you can receive training to execute and send those performed and continues to develop the methodology HTT (High Tech Training), maximum customization of a workout to date as possible, based on the continuous load swimming training-evaluation binomial by the type of work required at the moment.

Area territoriale

Val di Chiana


The revolution of custom indoor training

The real revolution of indoor training is to be able to perform each workout thanks to calculated values with scientific models. These parameters become the basis on which to build a specific workout.

The training is structured by Coach MagneticDays, who develop a methodology HTT (High Tech Training) customized to the individual user in the physical conditions where at that time. The workouts are sold in packs of 12 or multiples.

ORF SRL Via Gioco del pallone n. 68 52045 Foiano della Chiana +39 0575640522