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Tuscan iris

Symbol of San Polo

Perhaps not everyone knows that there is an area in Tuscany, in the Chianti hills, where the terraces in spring take smells and the nuances of the iris. Among the many towns, including the village of San Polo in Chianti, the fragrant flower is cultivated for years carrying out a little-known tradition.

The Iris Pallida and its roots, from which it derives its distinctive delicate essence are precious material for the production of perfumes, creams, herbal medicines long used both in the pharmaceutical field that cosmetic. The Tuscan Giaggiolo has had a great economic importance in Tuscany between 800 and the end of the last century. But the prestige of the giaggiolo is testified also by the coat of arms of the city of Florence: the lily, emblem of the municipality of Florence, is nothing but the white giaggiolo planted in Chianti.

In the village of San Polo the cultivation of this beautiful flower has existed since 1842, thanks to the efforts of some producers who have dedicated themselves to creating a complete chain in the territory still using traditional methods. Following centuries-old procedures, around mid-September you make their plantation high hilly areas. After 3 years, the plants are ready to be harvested, mainly using manual techniques, and then worked.

To preserve a tradition of little-known territory was born also the Associazione Toscana Giaggiolo, an association founded in 1978. Today brings together more than 200 farmers and has become the main reference in Italy for the production and sale of Iris rhizomes, top quality exported to France and the world.

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