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Giostra dell'Orso

The reenactment of Pistoia

The Montagna Pistoiese, synonymous with culture and tradition from Tuscany, celebrated every year in July the Giostra dell'Orso in Pistoia. Famous historical commemoration in the magnificent piazza del Duomo, in the heart of the city in honor of the Patron Saint San Jacopo.

The Festival begins on July 21 with the cleansing of the statue of the patron, but the highlight is the evening of 25 July.

The participants dressed in beautiful dresses fifteenth, at sunset, between alternating drum rollers by the footsteps of the March open the way to Giostra dell'Orso. Waiting for the Knights representing districts, drawn in the presence of the Mayor and ready to create a fascinating battle with a medieval air, in the arena set up in piazza Duomo.

The four wards citizens of the Cervo Bianco, the Drago, the Leon d'Oro and Grifone, challenge each other to who hits repeatedly "Bersaglio dell'Orso" riding his horse.

Each team consists of 3 riders and has 18 rounds to earn the most points and win the coveted competition. The sum of the points collected by each team determines the Palio victory to one of the districts at stake, while the best Duelist, secures the title of Knight of the Golden Spur.

An event that by 1947 was discontinued only in 2014, restored two years later thanks to a petition which bore witness to the desire not to see disappear a sentitissima tradition, already known in 1358 by the stories of Boccaccio.


Photo Credits [Facebook: Giostra dell'Orso Pistoia]

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