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Pieve Fosciana


Sapori of Garfagnana and Terre di Toscana, a journey between past and present

A network of excellence of Garfagnana, made under a single brand

It's Tuscany meets Filippo Moscardini, owner of the network of businesses Sapori of Garfagnana and Terre di Toscana, active in Pieve Fosciana, Lucca.


The company was founded four years ago by a simple project, but at the same time complex: make system with the manufacturers of agrifood excellences in Garfagnana, a land rich in taste that still keeps alive the traditions of the past.

The delicacies that identify this area of Tuscany are many, including:

  • The flours;
  • the jams;
  • honey;
  • legumes;
  • cheese;
  • the baked goods;
  • sausages;
  • the wine.

People in Garfagnana have never had much time to spend in the kitchen, always absorbed behind piece in the Woods, in the stables or the mountain pastures.

The kitchen of this land in fact meets the precise needs of a hectic everyday life and is very frugal, but full of unique dishes.



Filippo Moscardini wanted to bring these traditional flavors back among the selections of Sapori della Garfagnana and Terre di Toscana products.

His main supplier, as he tells us, is nature. The ingredients used are in fact genuine and of great quality, and behind each product are the centuries-old traditions of this valley, so rich in aromas and stories to tell.


The products offered by flavours of Garfagnana and Tuscany's lands are not only taste, but also of feelings and emotions, such as:


the Garfagnana kit, an explosion of goodness.


Mr. Filippo, as an entrepreneur, believes that in the future it will be increasingly globalized trade. His aim is to export the flavours of this land through a sensory journey fantastic that make sense to anyone who buys the value of these products.



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