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Etru Jewellery s.r.l. born in 2016 is the brainchild of three fourty-years-old people from Arezzo, that combine their expertise to create a new company in the panorama of Arezzo goldsmiths.

Roberto Cini, the eclectic soul of the company. She brought her more than 20 years of experience in the field of jewellery aretina, with a particular slant to the niche of the fabrics in precious metals.

Andrea Clerissi, the rational soul of the company. Through various learning experiences, the most important one of the Group's DATA CENTER management Saidekhan of Arezzo, he collected both professionalism and personality, which allow to implement today, an organization made up of technology and passion.

Gabriele Salvi, the businnes world experience made real. Joined the project almost blindly, as with much business acumen, and realized very quickly that a company with a product like the one you wore in suitcase Cini and market positioning, it would surely Clerissi.

Etru Jewellery has always maintained complements the area's identity and spirit of craftsmanship, transporting it in their creations.

This spirit has allowed us to create products of prestige, using technologies of industrialization homemade.

Machinery, products at home, keep the tradition alive and productive capacity of Made in Tuscany.

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Etru Jewellery: a blend of experience and innovation

Etru Jewellery is a perfect combination of experience in the field of textile processes precious and study of mechanisms of production, which made it possible to achieve unique and creative solutions.

Ongoing research and prestigious and innovative manufacturing techniques

Etru Jewellery stands out in Goldsmith, to be the Diamond of the realizations of fabrics with precious materials.

Their mission is to continue the quest for better quality, giving the final client artifacts result of machining processes.

ETRU JEWELLERY srl Via Achille Grandi 93A 52100 Arezzo +39 0575 250276