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Food and Wine


An ancient kind of Siena

The existence of one of the oldest animals of this area is evidenced by the famous fresco“Allegoria ed effetti del Buono e del Cattivo Governo” by Ambrogio Lorenzetti of 1338, exhibited at the Town Hall of Siena.  The Cinta senese, unique in its kind, was introduced in this area and then spread quickly thanks to its strength.

It's a rustic pork of the montagnola senese, whose colors recall those of the city, black and white. Afterwards, the breed has spread to other parts of Tuscany as the Maremma and the Valdarno. The name "girdled" comes from the white band traveling from his shoulders and ends on the Forelegs. It is a native breed with a fine sense of smell at one time possessed by all families.

Among the sausages that are obtained from this animal we find:

  • Cinta senese Salami, delicate and decided at the same time, it is ground and stuffed in a natural casing;
  • Prosciutto di Cinta senese tanned by hand with salt and pepper.
  • Cinta senese lard;
  • Cinta senese pork loin;
  • Bacon;
  • Finocchiona;
  • Cinta senese pork meat.

The production performed entirely by hand, as usual, must take place no later than 16 months old. Today many producers engaged in the preservation of this precious breed endangered species and it is thanks to their work and to food without preservatives, which we can taste always genuine and tasty meat and salami. Cinta senese has been awarded recognition D.O.P.


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