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Carnival of Foiano della Chiana

One of the oldest Carnival in Italy

Carnival of Foiano has a very ancient historiographical tradition. Confirmed by some texts dating back to 1539, in fact, seems to already be one in the 16th century in the form of celebrations that lasted three days.

Today Carnival of Foiano, now in 479th Edition, is among the oldest in Italy and is one of the most important events held in this country, both for the Majesty of his shows that allegorical and festive climateTakes place during five Sundays, two that follow on Shrove Tuesday and three that anticipate the Mardi Gras. The preparation of floats don't care all year round, with a careful and meticulous workmanship of papier-mâché with which you will build the wagons. The theme of the wagon Yard and construction varies freely chosen.

Four floats that fit so called "Cantieri": Blues, Bombolo, Partiers and rustic. The breakdown doesn't happen by geographical area as in the case of the Palio di Siena, but for friendship, relationship and spirit of aggregation of individuals. The impressive size of the wagons should be subject to regulation and can be up to 17 metres long, 10 wide and 13 tall.

The atmosphere of the five Sundays of race is magical. The wagon winner is elected by a jury of excellence consisting of a sculptor, a painter, an art critic and a set designer. The dominant figure of all Carnival is King Giocondo, a puppet of papier-mâché representative King of Carnivals, which in a first part opens the Carnival and then close it with his "funeral" (is set on fire in the center of the Main square of Foiano). Before being dismantled, the floats are paraded for the last time in June during the Carnival under the stars.


Photo Credits [Facebook: Carnevale Di Foiano]

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