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Bollito alla fiorentina and salsa verde

Recipe and secrets for a traditional dish

We're back speaking of Bollito alla fiorentina or Bollito Toscano, a dish to taste during the festive period, perhaps during the new year's Eve.

Prepare it is really simple, a chance to spend time with friends, between the heady scents that releases the meat with the vegetables during cooking.


The Tuscan boiled in two easy steps

  • Cimalino, front shoulder cut of beef is ideal for the stew
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Parsley
  • Salt, oil and pepper
  • Green Sauce (Salsa Verde)


To bring to the table the real boiled you must adopt good Tuscan meat and thus the Florentines favourite is the cimalino: a cut of lean beef, meat noble around here despite originally boiled was considered a poor recipe.

Place the meat in a pot with 5 liters of water along with onions, carrots, celery, and two potatoes; once we start boiling.

While the meat is cooking you can start preparing the salsa verde. In this way, he spent from 2 to 3 you have everything ready to start the party!


How to prepare the Salsa Verde

To prepare the Salsa Verde you will need a blender and some simple ingredient. Pour 150 ml of Tuscan "novo" oil in the Blender by adding 2 eggs which are optional, 200 grams parsley, two teaspoons of capers, drained. Continue with 3 anchovy filletswith bread crumb squeezed and left to rest earlier in the vinegar, salt and pepper.

The doses for the stew vary by the number of people on board. Students should put in baking at least 1 kg of cimalino, which will keep well in the following days in the event of a surplus. Green Sauce doses vary according to taste


For the sweet tooth, as we always recommend our beloved tripe, you can think of to go overboard with the boiled meat. Just put water and smells the lampredotto, accompanied by language. Longer cooking times data is preferable to cook in the same mode of cimalino, in a separate pot.

Once ready, we will cut finely and will mix the different meats, which perfectly complement both the dish inside a rosette.