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BisB, The Barber is Back is a workshop, more than just a barber shop, located in the heart of Lucca.

The reality BisB was born in 2014, to continue the tradition started between those walls in 1965 to the Barber, the classic cut Italian GIuliano Ghini and smoothing performed using only fixed blade razors.

Barbers BisB have in their hands two craftsmanship: beard and hair cutting techniques and mastery in sharpening of antique razors forged in 1800 and 1900 out of natural stones.

BisB is a place to find professionals who repeat the learned gestures by postwar Italian Barbers. During the week you live the Barbary as it once was, without an appointment, carving out a moment to themselves; on Sundays you can book the whole shop and Barber for 2 hours. Also, anyone sit on the chairs of this day, you can choose the music you prefer, enjoying the bar to SIP whiskey, beer or tea and enjoy aunique experience of its kind.

The Barber is Back is in Via Vittorio Emanuele 25, a shop with over 50 years of historic Lucca tradition.

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Fixed Blade razors

Within this Barbary using only fixed blade razors. shaping tools by master craftsmen who have a respect of the skin not even comparable to that of modern razor blades. This gives you the ability to shave tailoring. You choose the Shaver according to beard and the client's skin.

BisB The Barber is Back Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 25 55100 Lucca