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BisB, The Barber is Back is an Italian barber shop located in the heart of Lucca.

Andrea Cottone, class of 1989 is the owner. Inherits the passion for cutting from his mother a Hairdresser, and the love for what is traditional craftsman by his father.

Andrea grows alongside Italian masters, admiring artisans with 50 years of work in public hands as Enzo Scapicchio, Giuliano Ghini, Loriano Costoli and Fortunato Magazzini. Through the usual experiences "apprenticed", learns the Italian traditional working methods.

In the meantime enjoy discovering how to live his trade abroad, working alongside established and esteemed colleagues across Europe: in Florence and Milan, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Munich, Lisbon, Spain, Lund in Sweden, Copenhagen, Budapest, Zagreb, Paris, London. So is forged working style and philosophy that is the fusion of Italian and European techniques professional mentality.

The passion for Antique razors led to reunite in this barber shop a little Museum of steels. More than 100 razors from all over the world. Spanish razors like the Philharmonic, razors, shavers from forged between 1870 Germany Solingen and 1910 as the Sheffield British, French, Swedish and Italian razors and Kamisori Tosuke Japanese Henkotsu and Iwasaki suitable for shaving the head.

During these trips Andrea knows two other professionals in love like him shaving and razors.

Bound by this passion for sharpening Andrea Cottone, Luis Lopez from Seville and Chiara Alderighi by Montelupo Fiorentino now work together in this workshop.

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Bisb, not to extinguish the traditions

Barbers BisB live their daily life with the desire to improve the methods and techniques learned from Italian barbers.

Proper recognition to a successful business

Bisb is chosen by many companies and institutions that take advantage of its professionalism to promote their businesses. The Festival of Sion at Pitti immagine, passing for Ferragamo, Festival Harley Davidson, Triumph motorcycles, up at Vinitaly. BisB methods attract the attention of many colleagues from all over the world and brought several brands to complement their brand to our mastery. Barbers BisB are summoned by companies like Proraso shaving, Captain Facwett to run demonstrations around Europe and to carry out training within their own academies. Bisb hosted Brazil Portugal, Spain, England, the barbers, Netherlands keen to learn the secrets of this all-Italian art.

BisB The Barber is Back Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 25 55100 Lucca