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L'Architettura del Cibo is a real experience of the senses. The refinement of individual elements and their origin is what distinguishes them.

The restaurant, in via Frà Bartolomeo 58 in Florence offers a simple cooking, which goes to the heart of the ingredients. They are in their essence, their constituent elements: in fact, its architecture.

The environment is innovative, intimate and romantic. This game of locations and environments is the result of a precise choice that reflects and embodies the philosophy of L'Architettura del Cibo.

The daily goal is to transfer the uniqueness of taste, which is experiencing a culinary journey of excellence in an environment that enhances the quality of raw materials prepared by the expert hands of Chef Giuseppe Papallo. Architecture of the food wouldn't exist without the vision of Joseph, vision for the future, but with one eye fixed on the traditions of Italian cuisine, especially Tuscany, Friuli and calabrese.

All dishes, whether in paper, either of two tasting menus, dedicated to the territory and wealth of the seabed, are performed with the use of raw materials of excellence from the best farmers and farms.

The menu follows the rhythm of the seasons, the flavours and scents of nature in different periods of the year and because of that, the change of the seasons and of the products that the earth offers, it also changes the menu.

Area territoriale

Firenze e Area Fiorentina


Let's Talk Toscano


€ 160,00
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Enters the kitchen with chef


€ 190,00
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A tavola con lo chef


€ 260,00
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Astro mediceo meets architecture of food


€ 380,00
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Virtute S.r.l. Via Frà Bartolomeo 58 50132 Firenze +39 055 572232