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Vino Ansonaco

The "nectar" of Isola del Giglio

The wine Ansonaco of Isola del Giglio, derives from the homonymous grapes grown on small vineyard terraces overlooking the sea, where the soil is sandy and acidic in nature. The wine tradition in Giglio island has ancient roots, the Ansonaco is quoted by Francesco Petrarca and by historian Paolo Giovio, who talked about it already in 1552.

Is produced with a 90% of native grapes Ansonica, and adds a 10% Biancone, Procanico, Malvasia and Moscatello. The Giglio viticulture is "heroic" due to the position of the vineyards which can not be accessed by mechanical means making the whole process, from the care of the vineyard to the grape harvest, carried out entirely by hand. The production of this fine wine also, having regard to the morphology of the island cannot be increased, characteristics that make it unique and irreproducible.


With an intense gold color, nose releases of ripe fruit and grasses of the maquis, white pepper and blood orange. At palate is a structured wine warm and snug that closes with a final citrine; these properties have made it one of the most sought after by fans who love them. The Ansonaco goes well with vegetables first courses, chicken and rabbit and with cheeses.

To sample the authentic wine of Isola del Giglio, in Giglio Castello several wineries allow you to taste it or buy it. The last weekend of September takes place the Festa dell’Uva e delle Cantine aperte, unmissable for learn about wine Ansonaco.


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