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Ada Sorrentino, an all-round artist, was born as a teacher of artistic subjects.

Her teaching career boasts over 40 years of service as well as her experience as a multifaceted artist, such maturity that has allowed her to win awards and awards at national and European level.

His art ranges from graphics to painting, from overhang to chisel in continuous research through the study of colors, matter and shapes. For Ada art is beauty, communication, expression of the soul, perception of the environment and society.

The prolific imagination of Ada Sorrentino, combined with a constant experimentation of graphic and pictorial techniques, proposes to the observer a dreamlike reality where the relationship between man and nature becomes fundamental.

Through his works the artist manages to lead towards spacious, ary, vibrant horizons of light.

There are numerous personal and collective exhibitions in which Sorrentino has participated with her paintings and sculptures, among many are unforgettable those in Milan in Via Monte Napoleone, in Naples in the spaces of the Maschio Angioino, in Monreale at the Civic Museum, in Agrigento in the Valley of the Temples.

Not to mention the exhibitions around Italy in which he participated with his refined jewels of archaeological inspiration (Etruscan, Egyptian and Oriental).

You can discover up close the sophisticational and sensitive art of Ada Sorrentino, her world made of light and color, emblems of a painting that celebrates the love for nature and for life, visiting the art atelier of her property located in the city of Grosseto,in the beautiful Tuscan Maremma.

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Ada Sorrentino Antico Cassero del Sale, 30 58100 Grosseto +39 328 5635261