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6 of the most romantic places in Tuscany

The kissing places of our Region

The romanticism of Tuscany has ignited many imaginaries over the centuries: it has been an ideal destination for writers, painters, philosophers and even different film crews.

We want to give you our point of view therefore, from our "experience in the field", here are 6 of the most romantic places to visit in Tuscany.


The Terrace of Settignano in Florence


Outside the extravagant stages of the historic center, Settignano is a small jewel with a timeless mingled atmosphere capable of giving beautiful views. A very special, quiet Florentine quarter, which makes you feel almost in the countryside, even if you are very close to the city center.

Many illustrious people stayed there for long periods, one of them Mark Twain,who described Settignano as capable of " offering the most fascinating viewthat can be found on this planet, and with her the most dreamlike and enchanting sunsetsthat can be found in any solar system. "

Well, what to say. With such a description we can only agree: in particular the view that you can enjoy from the terrace of Settignano, which is half the height of a side street of the main square, is enchanting. Don't get caught up in the despondency once in front of the slope: the prize that will be granted is one of the most romantic views of Florence, and not only, that you will ever see.


The walk on the Walls in Lucca


The walls of Lucca, built to keep the invaders away over time, have become one of the reasons why the Tuscan town is so successful. They are unique in Italy and an impressive testimony of Lucca's glorious past: wide and tree-lined, popular furor elected as the perfect place for a bike ride and a romantic walk. Ah, if only the walls could talk!


Fontebranda Fountain in Siena

Fontebranda, in the Goose District in Siena, is the largest and most famous fountain in the beautiful Tuscan city. It is a source of pure water but also of poetry, legends and traditions: of all the fountains present in Siena, it is the oldest, most impressive and probably our favorite. When the sun can find space, the play of lights it creates with water is really spectacular: for us it is a great location for a couple in love, don't you think?




Pienza, located in the beautiful Val d'Orcia, near Siena, is the perfect destination for lovers and it is not only we who say so.

It is no coincidence that its alleys have names such as Via del Bacio and Via dell'Amore, and if Franco Zeffirelli chose it as the setting of the film Romeo and Juliet, the greatest love story ever.


The Mausoleum in Ciano Livorno


The mausoleum was begun on the death of the fascist hierarch Costanzo Ciano, Galeazzo's father, to guard the family remains.

It is located in Livorno, on the hills behind the Labronian capital, in Monteburrone and never saw completion. It is therefore totally abandoned to the incuries and getting there is not easy, attention.

That said, the panorama that is enjoyed on the clearest days is to be left speechless even the least romantic companion.


Lucignano near Arezzo


Lucignano is a small village between Siena and Arezzo, extraordinary exampls of medieval urbanism: it is therefore in itself a beautiful place, but it also preserves a great treasure called the Tree of Life, also known as the Tree of Love; it is a masterpiece of jewellery, a reliquary that according to legend is able to seal the promises of love of couples.


These are the most romantic places in Tuscany according to our editorial staff. Have you had the opportunity to visit any of them before, perhaps in sweet company?


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