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Where to eat on the Etruscan coast

From Livorno to Follonica

After the article on some of the culinary peculiarities of Livorno, here is a selection of the best restaurants and kiosks on the Etruscan Coast, continuing our gastronomic tour to its border. The following directions on where to eat on the Etruscan Coast include locals for all tastes and budgets.


About Livorno

Livorno, being the largest city in the area, offers a wide variety of delicacies. Go to the Ancient Fryer the Fritaio for a friar, the sugary donut typical of the area, at Antica Torteria Gagarin for 5&5, the sandwich stuffed with chickpea cake and eggplant,at the Oyster for a fish lunch also take-away, at Baretto Tre Ponti for the aperitifoverlooking the sea, in Sarsa Verde for pizza and at the Casina di Alice for a 100% vegan option.

Heading south, don't miss to stop in Vada for a nice platter of cold cuts and cheeses from all over Italy from Lardo, a newly opened restaurant run by two young sisters in the area.


Inland or on the coast

A little further inland, you will find the hamlet of Bolgheri,in the municipality of Castagneto Carducci,known all over the world not only for its exceptional wines, but also for catering. I recommend the Tognoni Wine Shop to fans of the big labels and the Osteria Magona to meat lovers, here order truffle noodles, grilled meat, pigeon and homemade ice cream from chef Omar Barsacchi.

Returning to the coast, as a suggestion to eat on the Etruscan Coast go to San Vincenzo for a dinner overlooking the sea and sunset at Il Bucaniere by chef-fisherman Fulvietto Angelini, while in Baratti you will find the Kiosk Al Polpo Marino where you can enjoy a quiet meal based on frying and octopus and potatoes before and/ or after a swim in the fresh water of the beach below.

After Baratti you will find Venturina Terme,a small and quiet village that houses one of the best pastry shops in the area, Conca d'Oro Chocolate shop, known precisely for the processing of chocolate and for the pastry mignon.


The last stop of our food tour on the Etruscan Coast is a very special place in the industrial area of Follonica, the food truck of Mollica's. Silvia and Mattia are two DOC Tuscans, cooking enthusiasts, "ciccia" and people. Go to them to have a chat and enjoy a fresh beer and a gry sandwich at the right point, like the "Mexican called Gringo" in the photo: porchetta, cheese and hot sauce. Then sit on the wall and watch the passage of their colorful customers: from specially arrived Florentines, to truck drivers, loyal and punctual customers – as you will become after the first bite.


Martina Bartolozzi

Martina is an Italian-American travel&food blogger born and raised in Florence. He spends most of his time traveling and exploring Italy and the world, eating delicious foods and offering tips on where to find them.

You can find it on Instagram


Image source: Martina Bartolozzi