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The history of Antica Trattoria and wine bar of four Lions originated after World War II, when it was a shop of wine, cheese and Croutons.

For decades, the family-run Trattoria dei Quattro Leoni was led by the historic Cook Gina which offered typically Florentine dishes at low prices.

In May 1995, after a renovation and expansion the restaurant re-opened, maintaining and increasing its already clear Tuscan character: old ceilings with wooden beams shown in light, the stone walls, the arches red bricks which emerge from the walls in lime PuTTY, the tiled floor they returned to life.

In 2015, the restaurant celebrated its 20th anniversary. Driving always Stefano Di Puccio that thanks to his passion and his energy yielded 4 Leoni more than just a trattoria toscana, impressing the local contemporary and refinedcharacter.

During the summer season, in "chic trattoria"-as is often referred to by our customers-you can eat outdoors on piazza della Passera in a corner enclosed by aromatich rosesand wildflowers or cyclamen, planted and cared for in person from the same Stefano Di Puccio.

The restaurant is enveloped in the atmosphere of a time with ancient art workshops and stores of restorers, blacksmiths, framing and decorators. TheOltrarno is perhaps the only neighborhood to have preserved the true character of the city of Florence.

Area territoriale

Firenze e Area Fiorentina


When quality raw materials meet the passion

Creativity, selected raw materials and love for cooking are the three main ingredients of Trattoria 4 Leoni.

Piazza della Passera shows a new and charming Florence

In piazza della Passera, square which houses the Trattoria 4 Leoni get there on foot, turning right into via yoke. This glimpse shows a new, beautiful and little known town. This is the Florence, full of craft shops, so dear to Ottone Rosai and Vasco Pratolini, to mention just some of the artists and intellectuals who loved this secluded corner, with its sloping streets and "canti" by ancient and fascinating names : singing of Four Pagoni or peacocks and the song to the four Lions.

TRATTORIA 4 LEONI s.u.r.l. Via Vellutini n. 1R 50125 Firenze +39 055 218562