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Regata delle antiche repubbliche marinare

Reenactment in Pisa

The protagonists of our medieval history, the famous Italian Repubbliche Marinare (Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa, Venezia) compete for over sixty years, brushing up old rivalries and enterprises, the regatta of the ancient maritime republics . Also known as Palio delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare this sporting event and reenactment at the same time, established in 1955, sees the main republics fighting each other with crews of remieri.

The rigging, consisting of eight rowers and a coxswain, aboard boats marked with different colours and decorations from features figureheads, symbol of participating cities, placed on the bow: the winged horse of Amalfi; the Eagle of Pisa emblem of the link between the city and the Holy Roman Empire; the winged Lion of Venice also symbol of the city's patron saint, San Marco and the Dragon for the city of Genoa.

The thrilling race is preceded by a historical procession whose rhythm of show is punctuated by drums and by waving the banners; includes the participation of many actors dressed in period costumes and accessories that faithfully reproduce. During the show, each Republic interprets incidents of people related to the history of their city such as the arrival of the Venetian patrician Caterina Cornaro was accepted by the Doge in 1489; or the wedding took place in Amalfi in 1002 between Sergio, eldest son of Duke Giovanni I and Maria, daughter of the Lombard Prince of Capua and Benevento.

The winner of the race, which takes place between late May and early July and is held under the patronato del Presidente della Repubblica Italiana (patronage of the President of the Italian Republic), receives a trophy in silver and gold that holds until the following year. The 2018 Edition to be held precisely at Pisa, so indispensable opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful historical pageants over many of the Tuscany region and to take a walk in the famous town from the leaning tower.


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